My new podcast "Making A Musical" launches next month.

Each episode will focus on a specific part of developing & putting on a production (casting, contracts, auditions & more) I'll have different hosts with me each episode. Early list of guest hosts:

Bridget Greaney: Director, Good Morning New York: A New Musical

Dylan Adler: Composer, Good Morning New York: A New Musical

Margo Cruz: Casting & development for Good Morning New York: A New Musical

John Vogel: Script Development, joke expert & comedian in Good Morning New York

Morgan DeTogne: Actress, Good Morning New York: A New Musical

Lexi Rosenblum: Actress, Good Morning New York: A New Musical


This week I spent 15 hours talking about script changes with a majority of the cast & creative team for Good Morning New York: A New Musical.

We talked about how we can make the script tighter, fill the holes & heighten some of the scenes.

There are a few changes coming. We hope to have a revised script by the end of the week.


My documentary, An American in Ireland, was asked to be part of the Bleeding Pig Film Festival.

It's happening next month in Dublin.

My film was actually hand-picked by the festival's founder after she saw it in the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival.

One of my favorite things about this festival is they highlight women in film. The call it "F-rated films" (F as in "Female") So on the agenda they'll put a logo that says "F Rated" next to the ones produced, written or directed by women.

Fun fact about the film: I shot it in just a few days. I remember being so nervous to talk to people because it was my first time filming anything on my smartphone ... I felt so amateur... and some people even said I was amateur...

... But here I am ... three film festivals later ...

You don't need high tech equipment to create -- you just need to create.


We're heading to Off-Broadway! 

Good Morning New York: A New Musical ended it's summer run Aug 2018 -- but we're not done.

Making a long-running, successful show takes time, hard work and resources. Our summer run was planned to be a limited engagement to see how audiences reacted.


We quickly realized we had a hit -- but didn't have the resources to sustain it long-term. A large chunk of the musical (rehearsal space, festival fees, props, scripts, cast & crew paychecks) was self-funded by Jacklyn Thrapp (me). Everything else was done on borrowed time ... with a skeleton set ...  borrowed costumes ... and a free performance space for five weeks. That is SO RARE and we are extremely grateful to the People's Improv Theater and New York Theater Festival for the opportunity.

It was clear this show has the potential to thrive on an Off-Broadway stage so that's why  ...


We quickly realized that Good Morning New York: A New Musical is a hit -- so now we're moving forward with plans for a REAL set, REAL costumes & resources to make an enjoyable theatrical experience for the both our team and the audiences.

KGM Theatrical General Management has agreed to write up a budget for us.

Expect to see more of us soon.


... oh did I mention an album is coming? Maybe I'll save that for the next blog.